Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Was Wrong About Huckabee

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 09:19 PM CST

The text of Romney's farewell speech - America is a nation at war, that needs it's strength found in strong families and a strong private sector. Change course, or America will become "the France of the 21st century".

Of books, faith and cathedrals --

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 06:06 PM CST

An article dated Dec 23 2007 I read in the LA Times on my way back from California. Expresses the thought (or question) that wonders why athetist can't just let the religiously devoted enjoy a little mystery. Very well written.

Text + Image + CSS3 = Crazy Delicious

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 03:47 PM CST

A neat little site that generates a block of text that when highlights shows an image. Very cool!


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